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Soul Cards are a welcome addition to my website ( In the words of Deborah Koff-Chapin:

May these images serve as an inspiration in the remembrance of who you are.

Every person will see something different in these cards and please feel free to spend some time with the image. I encourage you to see what resonates for you. This image brought a lot up for me.

The first thing I noticed about the card was the egg which could symbolize plans or desires that are being nurtured. The being is androgynous which tells me that giving birth in this context is not solely the territory of woman.

I loved the use of colour. The outside is filled with colours that symbolize the life force that fuels the dreams and the inner where the magic happens is darker a bit more mysterious.

The various positions of the hands represent the many different ways we must “be” as we bring plans or desires to fruition.

The hands pointing down have a grounding feel to them. Plans must be grounded in the root chakra. In other words they cannot simply live in our heads or float without something to make them manifest. As in meditation the floating can be pleasant but the experience is much richer if we are grounded. Bringing plans or desires to fruition requires some self-effort but that self-effort should be grounded, focused and connected to the guidance of our bodies wisdom and mother earth.

The hands holding the eggs remind me of the mudra for receiving god/goddess’s law. The position of the hands is reversed but the cradling is done in such as way as to suggest energy is being transmitted to the egg which of course symbolizes the plan or desires of the individual holding it. It reflects our direct contribution not in the "doing" but rather in an energetic sense through actions such as prayer, meditation, visioning and ritual. The waiting period that is not without effort on our part to maintain the dream.

The hands facing up seem to be saying I let go. It is out of my hands now and I trust what will be will be; striking that balance between self-effort and grace.

The being is not looking at the egg but rather" keeps their head up" perhaps looking to the future.

The fact that the being is also enclosed in an egg or a womb of some sort appears to indicate that while we are birthing that dream we too are being birthed. A new self is being formed.

I very much enjoyed this card and found the experience of interpreting it a joyful one. Please do take some time to sit with this image and see what arises for you.


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Comment by Deborah Koff-Chapin on June 5, 2009 at 3:56pm
Great see your SoulCards interpretations here, Jonina!





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