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   I've been asked on numerous occasions, about Touch Drawing. What is it? Where did it originate? What is the ultimate purpose? Why? The nearest I can describe it, thus in a poem I'd written years ago.


A Window to the Soul


The stillness opens its arms to me
Beckoning that I listen,
While granting my heart safe passage
Upon stubborn knees, now gently christened.

The whispers within grow stronger
With every beat of my heart,
Until lost to the world outside
I emerge amidst the solace,
within the chambers of my heart.

The voices here are clear, vibrant and alive
Awakening from slumber,
Those things, from which I hide.

Embraced by the voice of compassion, honesty and love,
My burdens bear no weight
For I am sheltered from above.

Thoughts and images flow freely
A tapestry of tears,
A gentle caress within my soul
To brush away my fears.

Gradually, I glimpse a reflection
For which there’s no disguise,
A love for me therein
Shines bright in heavens eyes.

I wander through each chamber
To remember, all that I feel,
Graced with the wisdom of knowing
That my heart has begun to heal.

Overwhelmed by gratitude
For all that I have known,
The strength that comes through trial
And the mercy I’ve been shown.

I know the gifts, which I’ve been given
Can do little else but grow,
For within the depths of every heart
Lies a window to the soul.


Copyright 1997 Tanya Lewis

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