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So I started using gun powder to burn with. I start by spreading powder all over the paper and lighting it. Then I do it again. Then I let the images ask (or sometimes scream) to be let out. Then I keep working the image like an etching, only in reverse. I love the softness that I can achieve.

And I have to let go. There is little control in the process until the details are put in. This is very similar to TD in that you make the marks the universe guides you to and you dress up what you find.

I will work out a way that the ritual of making these drawing is as sacred to me as the rituals I practice while doing touch drawing.

I do have a good life.

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Comment by Deb Miller on October 11, 2007 at 9:29am
AHA! I thought it must've been a wood burning tool -- but you just never know these kinds of things without asking -- it's just amazing what we can come up with sometimes! Do you ever burn on wet paper? I wonder if the paper were soaked, and then dried to damp - how that might change the effect. hmmm.. I'm still not wrapping around the gun powder or gasoline piece though -- have to do more fishing Visuals -- I need visuals -- that's it! I will likely put my nibs to paper sometime soon though for giggles and snorts... I love trying new ideas, using same things in different ways...ok! Thanks for the food...
See you around!
Comment by Mark Runge on October 11, 2007 at 6:47am
It is still new to me, Deb. I love the process, though. The burnings I've posted here are done with a wood burning tool. I just posted an image of a 40x60" one. If you understand etching, then you may see how drawing with gun powder allows a lot of control. The difference between the two is that etching is done on the plate and then ink is applied to the plate and transfered to the paper. In burning, the etching is done straight onto the paper, and the paper is toned all at the same time.
Smiles to you.
Comment by Deb Miller on October 8, 2007 at 8:10am
ok -- so this WHOLE process you've opened here is very new thinking...I don't understand how you got the terrific controlled detail in the sepia burnings and would love to see the gun powder etchings you're experimenting with! wow...BOOM PAINTING -- yes...





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