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Dear Blog Readers - I will see if this works out for me - and you. I already have a blog that keeps me busy. But I want to stay in touch with this community.
I joined about 6 months ago after a wonderful workshop with Debra at Omega. Soon after, I started aTD and Grief group. I was quite excited. I also was part of the Omega workshop group and contributed to the forum. And I invited folks to be my friends. After several months there wasn't much connection happening. This could have been because I don't know how to work the site very well. I wouldn't be surprised! I found it discouraging. Anyway, I am not blaming anyone as there is no fault.

Being in the painful situation of having my husband of 30 years leave me out of the blue, I stick with things that most easily help me feel connected. Naturally.

I just checked in today after about 6 weeks and there was a nice message for me from a member I had invited as a friend. After replying to her, I caught the word blog on my page from the corner of my eye. Well, okay, I thought, I'll try it.
I think I'll stop here. I may be more creative later.

If interested go to my page and find out a little bit about me.
Mary Ernst

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