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I understand now, and would like to share this....
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Claujuh Jan 26, 2008.


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My interest is in
Touch Drawing Personal Use, SoulCards Personal Use, Facilitating Touch Drawing, Facilitating SoulCards
What brings you to an interest in Touch Drawing or SoulCards?
Well, I discovered Deborah six years ago and started using her cards and then gathered what i THOUGHT were the proper materials to do touch drawing..let's just say i wasn't entirely correct! Eventually i got the right paint, and then three years after that I decided to attend The Gathering, at Circle of Teran in Ashland, Oregon...a life-altering experience. I will admit to thinking on my way out there "oh, i am SO going to bring this to other people when i get home!", and then i met Deborah and felt the reverence with which a group is held, saw that such reverence was very valid and necessary, and so i have waited for the time to be right for me to facilitate a class: that time has finally arrived! I held an introductory session last wednesday, and my six ladies who signed up, at my Unitarian church, are absolutely DIVINE!! ...this week will be the very first drawing session. They are so excited, and a little trepidatious, some of them, about making themselves "vulnerable to themselves"....and THAT is ANOTHER reason i have waited to do this: waited until i was in the right place to be able to assist someone with that possible experience.
My experience applies to:
Art, Creativity, Spiritual, Intuitive, Aging, Health, Grief, Meditation, Family, Expressive Arts
Other areas of interest & experience
I am a writer and i often take a Touch Drawing of my own and then take off on something I have created and make a story....I am a photographer and oh how I SEE THINGS, in the patterns on the sidewalk and in the clouds, on tree bark, boot prints in the snow!!....just last week i was sitting in my living room, staring out into the woods behind my house and it was raining lightly, causing leaves and branches of them to hang in positions they are not normally in. the area i was looking at , beyond the deck,had just enough light coming down into it to highlight an area of leaves that was A FACE!!! ...but i am totally convinced that if i wasn't #1 an artist and #2 a touch drawer, i would have missed it. i took many pictures , from my couch, and i am still trying to add special effects sufficient to highlight what i see. seems i am always trying to help others see what i see.
Have you done Touch Drawing?
Have you facilitated Touch Drawing?
In what setting have you facilitated?
i have just begun facilitating, a small group (six women), at my Unitarian church. it was fascinating right off the bat!! (see my first blog entry for more info if about an altering of the space!!!)this is a group of women who were all drawn to the notion of bringing forth their emotional energy and being able to look at the results!...i am very hopeful that as the weeks go on, everyone will be able to go deeper for full contact with the spirit of touch drawing.
I attended the Annual Touch Drawing Gathering on Whidbey Island, Washington
Share a special experience with Touch Drawing or SoulCards.
this is actually a very recent experience; i have a life-long dance with depression that i live with, sometimes we dance fast, sometimes we just slow dance, and this summer i had a relatively bad period during which i sought the counsel of a doctor i had not yet met...he is a wonderful man and he is actually quite interested in the connection between creativity and mental illness. yes......depression is a mental illness. the stigma still exists unfortunately..."oh, you're.....MENTALLY ILL?" yup, i guess i am! but my new doctor buddy, who IS a psychiatrist, is so into asking me questions , finding out how my brain works, how i "tick" creatively, that he has asked me to get HIM a deck of deborah's soul cards to use with other patients! we sat at the last meeting we had and i showed him how they worked: what caused my "dip" this summer was a long-standing difficulty with my 20 year old daughter (it has all since resolved)so i told him "i am going to pick three cards; sort of a past/present/future arrangement, keeping my daughter and all i have been through in mind: where i have been with the situation, where i see myself now, what i hope the future might hold"....although i don't recall exactly what cards i chose, i DO remember that it was mindboggling!!! the total applicability of the images to the emotions just made me weep with joy.....and the doc saw how true the images were to the there you have it: science is wowed by Soul Cards!!!!
Do you facilitate SoulCards with others?
If so, with whom and how?
So far i have only facilitated with friends, on a quite casual basis. i find that some people DO "get it" immediately, and some just don't. just like the rest of life! i used the cards at the end of my introductory Touch Drawing class last week and EVERYONE picked a card that sang to them! it was a wonderful moment. everyone was quite moved by the experience.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
Only that I feel like I am "coming home" to be connected to Touch Drawing in the facilitator role now, that I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful website, and that I am going to share all that happens for me with this new experience of facilitating! I've collected all kinds of different boards and paints and papers and i have a group of six ladies who are so excited to take this journey. one of them told me i "created a beautiful portal" with the introductory session, during which i showed them deborah's video, so they would REALLY understand what Touch Drawing can be!, and she can barely wait to cross over! tomorrow night is our first drawing session, and I CAN barely wait!! (october 17th...)

i dance with delight inside as i realize that right from this start of facilitating touch drawing i am receiving total affirmation and validation from the universe that i am truly called to offer this to others: my abilities as a bringer of healing have been highlighted so many times to me, but never quite so beautifully and powerfully as now, bringing touch drawing to some who will truly benefit from it's magic!
City, state, zip and/or region and country
rochester, new york, 14617

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..and there's MORE!

something i continue to forget to add on here, something i have been doing using my photography and touch drawing. if anyone has looked at my photos, you will notice they are not necessarily photos of my touchdrawings: what i have been experimenting with is using my photos as a jumping off point for my touch drawings: contemplating a photo , getting in touch with the emotion it engenders in me, and then doing a touch drawing based on that. it is a very interesting direction to take TD… Continue

Posted on March 18, 2009 at 8:22am

Time to Reconnect

so many wonderful things happening in life for me and it's so easy to stray from here! but deborah has kindly lured me back, lol, with a note reminding me of the newly formed facilitators group AND the fact that due to technical difficulties back at the inception of this grand website, i had managed to create two i have chosen to keep the "Claujuh" named one and remove the "claudia quinn cashman" one......i may even change Claujuh to see, Claudia actually means "the… Continue

Posted on March 18, 2009 at 8:19am

Third Class.....

my Touch Drawing group has now convened for the third time, three of five classes are over, and i must say, each time we have been together has been unique! i have written here of the bizarre nature of the very first class, when a woman brought her husband who lives with dementia and just left him in the lobby, trusting that he would be found and brought to the class, which IS what happened , and it all worked out for him, but STILL....and the second class, when a rather odd… Continue

Posted on November 16, 2007 at 6:32am — 4 Comments

Baptism by FIRE!

that will HAVE to be the name of a touch drawing. i would like to share my experience of my very first touch drawing facilitation, which took place last night, at the Unitarian church i am a member of.

i attended The Gathering three years ago, at the circle of teran in ashland oregon. i had been using deborah's soul cards for a couple of years at that time, and doing my own touch drawing by myself...often using the wrong kind of paint, but oh well...i still cherish my very first touch… Continue

Posted on October 18, 2007 at 1:21pm — 7 Comments

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At 4:38pm on February 16, 2009, Deborah Koff-Chapin said…
Yes, it is SO different from Ashland. Ashland made me realize that this is my home and i want the Gathering to be in my home. Deep green.......
At 7:30pm on January 12, 2009, Shemaya Blauer said…
What a sweet surprise. Love the idea of the trading cards!
Hope you are thriving!
At 8:36am on August 8, 2008, Cynthia Wynn said…
Hello, Claujuh!
Yes, I will be glad to share with you my experiences with Touch Drawing classes. I have been doing TD for nearly 10 years. I started facilitating very slowly to get the feel of what worked with people. My first groups were mostly made up of friends. 2002 was the year that I went to the TD Gathering.... which was, of course, a turning point for me, deepening my interest, self-expression, and sharing abilities.
At first my classes were presented as art classes. Now they are presented as more of a meditative healing process without judgment and a lot of fun. I do request that participants allow me to coach them and that they remain quiet for much of the class. We draw, then we take time to talk and share. Usually, on finding our commonality, there is much laughter and verbal sharing on each others work.
So, I emphasize: accessing your inner images without self criticism and letting them flow through your hands, opening up creative blocks, self-acceptance, trust, fun, dancing with your hands, movement and deep breaths in preparation and throughout the day.
Each class is different. I use my intuition to guide me. I do not follow the same format at each class. The individual and group set the order and flow of the class as I sense what the participants want and are ready to receive. Some are easy, some are a bit more challenging. It is a creative growth experience for me to facilitate Touch Drawing. Also, I share my drawings with them but only towards the very end of the class. I share my early ones and more recent ones so that they can see the growth that might be available to them. It is very well received.
Write back and let me know if this is of value, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Thanks.
At 9:49am on August 5, 2008, Deborah Koff-Chapin said…
Claudia, It is so touching to sense your true heartful apprecation of the photos, and of Carol and the story of the emissary. Great to have you here in the community, and I uphold seeing you walking up those steps next year. the year you came was the ONLY year we did not meet in that space, on that land. Blessings, Deborah
At 2:09am on October 25, 2007, Peacefulwords said…

Thank you for the "Welcome" Your experience with facilitating moved me. It was like reading a book, it's wonderful you haven't let it stop you. I want to facilitate in the future. Your experience, is one I won't forget. Thank you for sharing.

I have to place an order to continue my path in touch Drawing.

Thanks again for your kind words.





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