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Samhain 2012

This Samhain, as well as the usual shamanic antics we get up to in our household, I decided to do some touch drawing to celebrate and honour my relationship with the ancestors as well as what Samhain means to me personally. As a part of this I did a journey and ended up having a very helpful and illuminating conversation with one of my ancestors.

It took me many years to really get this whole ‘ancestor honoring’ malarkey, to really find a connection that I could feel, relate to and ground within my day to day life.

I realised after finishing the series of five touch drawings, that it was mapping the development of my relationship with the ancestors over the years: Honouring and asking for blessings and a connection to the ancestors, receiving blessings and developing a growing awareness of the ancestors in my life, walking my life path with their guidance, learning to dance with the ancestors and finally the realisation that the ancestors and I are one.

To all my ancestors you have my heartfelt gratitude for this life I have the opportunity to live and all its gifts.

Blessings to you all!

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