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I just realised that I posted this in the wrong section last year so just for the sake of my own records I have transferred it to this page.

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 Touch Drawing session in Perth, Western Australia. This is only my second TD group. The last one was about 2 years ago! Yesterday, I led 8 participants through a TD session. It was a Church Retreat and the theme was "Take the pressure down" What was supposed to be a 90min session got changed to 60mins. Then by the time all 8 people were settled and I could begin demonstrating we had about 40mins. I stayed calm and aimed to 'hold the space' with gentle music and instructions. As far as the group dynamics go I had a few chatty ones who I gently reminded to try and work in silence. Unfortunately I had to cut short their drawing time so they could have a chance to witness and talk about their drawings. Cleaning up was a bit frantic because we were in the dining room where everyone was to meet for afternoon tea straight after our session. I was like a calm duck on the water while my feet were paddling like crazy under the water! No one knew how much better  a slower and deeper session could be, except me of course, so all participants were quite content with their experience in the end. I won't allow that time problem to happen again but for this session I had to think on my feet. I absolutely loved facilitating and I'm looking forward to doing more workshops in Perth wherever I get the opportunity...and I'm not settling for less than 90 to 120 min block of time. I volunteered for this one so no pricing was involved.  

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