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Hi all....
I think it would be so helpful if we could learn from each other something about our settings, populations, fee scales, workshop formats, etc.

I am in Sarasota, FL in the winter and Cortes Island, BC from May to September. In Sarasota I teach Touch Drawing with Victoria Domenichello-Anderson at Ringling College of Art and Design, in the Art and Healing certificate program that we created together. A 7.5 hour "Introduction to Touch Drawing" course is required as part of this certificate. A "Touch Drawing 2" is an elective. In Intro to Touch Drawing, we teach it as 3 sessions, or one weekend. We do one in-depth TD experience, followed by a combination of artistic development (mounting, painting, etc) and expressive arts processing (writing, story, movement, sound, etc). We touch on the applications of TD. In Touch Drawing 2 we do another in-depth drawing session, and introduce Inner (partner) portraits and more applications of TD.

In addition, we teach Touch Drawing every 2 weeks at Expressive Arts Florida, our business (myself, Victoria, Tamara knapp and Elizabeth Bornstein). We charge $30 for a 1.5 hour session, and that includes supplies. See the event listing "Touch Drawing, ongoing".

On Cortes island, I have done several demos, and one 2 hour workshop. In doing the demos, it is always a struggle to get people to get a sense of the process, rather than "simply" the technique.

I love touch drawing; it is one of my own most preferred art forms
I love to do it, teach it, and learn more about it!
looking forward to hearing more from all of you!

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Hi Rachel - thank you for your great energy! This community has so many elements and groups and forums that sometimes we get overwhelmed and loose our momentum. I need a few people like you to fearlessly jump in! So glad you are working with women in a shelter - this process can be so healing in such a natural and non-invasive way - for women who have trauma, body issues, etc. It is a deeply feminine process. Have you gotten the Facilitator Workbook? It has everything I can think of to support you to find your own way with facilitating. 

I bought the Facilitator's Workbook and the video at the beginning of 2011. I lost the hard drive on my computer, so the info was lost, but I picked the workbook up again this evening.  I spent some time exploring touch drawing before sharing it with my clients. It is such a lovely process.  I am not at the shelter any more but have several ways I want to continue sharing it. I will let you know how they go.  



Created by five different ten year olds, during a series of images created in a brief period of time (one hour), with no embellishment, single color, mounted against white poster board...simplicity and complexity.  All imagined without being aware of what the others were creating yet there appears to be a connection between the images.  I simply let them be, put on some music, and allow them to be alone in their own space.  Even though there were 25 students in a classroom each had their own invisible wall around them like a safe cocoon in which to create and become something new.  None looked up from their images and were lost within their own strokes.






I love the synchronicity between the pieces. Thanks for sharing!






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