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We get a special treat to end the year -- the second full moon in December on Thursday, December 31, 2:15 pm EST/11:15am PST.

The full moon in Cancer brings us home to ourselves. Cancer is a water sign and one of loving emotions and nurturing towards family and children.

How do you nurture your soul? What actions of love and nurturing does your soul need from you? How can you connect on a soul-level with your family and those closest to you?

Thinking back on 2009, how did you nurture your soul? Thinking forward to 2010, how can you nurture yourself and bring that energy to those you love?

I invite you all to take up the paints, panel, and paper, and to dive into your own souls during the light of this winter full moon. What will we discover there? I look forward to any experiences, pictures, and insights you wish to share.


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