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The upcoming full moon is Wednesday, December 2, 2:30am EST, which is Tuesday, December 1, 11:30pm PST.

The full moon in Gemini illuminates the many sides of ourselves. Gemini reminds us not to grasp too tightly to one view of ourselves or a situation.

This full moon I will ask my soul and the spirit of Touch Drawing to show me different aspects of myself and how to adapt to the situations I find myself in.

I invite you all to take up the paints, panel, and paper, and to dive into your own souls during the light of this winter full moonn. What will we discover there? I look forward to any experiences, pictures, and insights you wish to share.


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Just watched a gorgeous moonrise over Saratoga passage with the Cascade mountains lit by the setting sun. Went for a walk in the moonlight last night. Will draw tomorrow.






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