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Touch Drawings as Art Objects

Discussions will revolve around TD as both a sensible and supersensible art process, touch drawings as art objects made to be displayed, and TD as taught in a school setting as an art practice that expands students’ art-making abilities.

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Comment by Lisa E. Demshak on June 4, 2012 at 4:24pm

My favorite pieces created by my students have no embellishment, single color, created during a series of many images within a brief period of time and mounted against a plain white poster board on the walls of the classroom. The beauty is within the simplicity and emotion contain in each stroke. 

Comment by Cynthia Juday-Wyckoff on August 14, 2010 at 12:59pm
Interesting that my process has been a bit different. When I started doing a lot of Touch Drawings, I found I wanted to embellish many of them and display them so I could experience them even more. I felt even more connection with them when I worked on them. But I became a bit overwhelmed with trying to make so many art objects! Now I find I am understanding more about honoring the images for what they are, and that not everything needs to be "improved" upon.
In response to your question, Renee, I do often use more than one media on a TD. I'm even trying some collage now!!
Comment by Kirsten B. Carpentier on August 8, 2010 at 9:55am
I've been working on how to tame my inner critic as I try to add color to my TDs and really appreciate reading others' perspectives on this. I think that part of the issue for me is that with more time invested in a painting, the harder it is to let go of the outcome. It is an interesting challenge because the initial process is so freeing.
Comment by Rowan Mayhew on July 19, 2010 at 6:29pm
I, too, think of my TD's as Art and share just a few on my website. I, too, have trouble embellishing them. However, I'm moving that direction more and more, especially with encaustic as it adds permanence and luminosity.

However, I have boxes! full of TDs I don't want to add other marks or media. I truly think the good for me is in the making and not the keeping. I've found that those I continue to work on - as long as I keep the original message in mind as I work - become more important to me. Otherwise I feel the meaning is obscured by fiddle-faddle.

Storing: My recommendation is not to use acetate as the drawings are oil. I interleave clean TD paper between drawings. THis helps soak up any oils that are released over time and during any hot spells. I also take time every few months to remove any blotted interleaving papers. This also provides refresher views until I am ready to work with the images more as well as ensuring the drawings do not get 'stuck' to one another...
Comment by Margot Brown on July 19, 2010 at 3:11pm
Hello TD as Art projects group. So glad this group is here! I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments and decided to hop in here.

Specifically in response to Renee- I do some mixed media work, and I have created work that was initiated by touch drawing. As I am new to this site I am not sure how to post images, but go to the link and you can see some TD's and some pieces that were inspired by TD.

To everyone- I have difficulty adding anything to, or altering my touch drawings. When I went to the gathering 2 years ago I was amazed at how everyone seemed to embellish their pieces with ease. Tissue paper flew everywhere, oil pastels were abound, yet I struggled with making decisions about what to add to them. I always felt like I was tainting the pieces...taking them away from their purity and authenticity. Probably because when I do touch drawings and get into the meditative zone I am creating from a different source and my "art trained" critic is put aside. After a session, it can be difficult for me to colorize pieces from that same source. Well, actually I have found that I can not!

I have tried some digital enhancements, that way I can play around with the touch drawing images without permanently changing them. Mark-you can add all the little fixer details you want this way! :) Not the same as drawing with your hands of course, but you can alter away digitally.

I have a strong urge to share my TD as ART because-well, they are art to me! And they come from the most authentic place.

Ceri-i loved what you wrote about how taking images into the art world is away of honoring the art making . I agree! I share my touch drawings on Redbubble for this reason,and to hopefully introduce the process to other artists. I think the Touch drawings do stand as art themselves. I feel a bit vulnerable sharing the TD"s sometimes because they are so personal, but I do feel that there is real power in sharing.
Comment by Carol on July 19, 2010 at 11:07am
Hi Renee, I have used TD in some mentoring work this year. And Wow, what beautiful creative expression has been bestowed on those we have touched thru TD. Nothing builds success like success. TD has such specialness about it. Sometimes its just undescribable for the participate and me. THen and Later!!! I am a mixed media artist and when I am doing other projects. TD comes to play with me!
Comment by Renee Iverson on July 19, 2010 at 9:46am
Hello TD Art Group! I joined as a result of the 2010 Gathering and I am filled with ideas of how I am going to use touch drawing to enhance my intuitive connection to my painting. Have any of you done anything that was initiated by a touch drawing lately? Are there any mixed media artists in this group?
Comment by Ceri on February 22, 2009 at 1:08am
Great discussion. The balance between control and spontaneity is so complicated. I love the tools of TD precisely because they are mechanical. The rhythm of the process of rolling the ink (I use oil paint and the smell is an important aspect of the gestalt), helps to take me somewhere beyond the present moment. The fragility of the papers helps me to avoid the preciousness associated with so much art activity, such as the difficulty in putting paint on to a new canvas or pristine sheet of watercolour paper. Multiple image making takes me beyond the possibility of my conscious brain supplying images. It just can't keep up.
Taking special images in to the art world is another form of honouring our art making. I am grateful for the ideas here as I haven't got that far yet. Has anyone attemted to use sheets of acetate to put the tissue between? I love the semi-transparency of the fragile tissue and want to keep the art true to it's beginnings.

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