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Hello community.  I am a recently licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist, I have lead expressive arts groups and use a multi-modal art therapy approach with individual clients.  I am now beginning to facilitate Touch Drawing workshops and enjoying the experience.  I am interested in exploring how to introduce it into my individual practice.  I'm wondering who else may be using Touch Drawing with individual clients and what the experience has been.

I am interested in hearing and learning from those that have gone before me.  thanks in advance for your time

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Here are my detailed thoughts I hope this helps  At first I panicked because I wondered how in the world could I encompass an entire touch drawing session start to finish within a 45 minute session. I figured out how to integrate touch drawing in an individual therapy session by breaking it down into smaller bits. For instance, one session I will briefly talk about touch drawing, offer them soul cards to draw, and do a quick demonstration. I may show them a few examples of touch drawing in raw form and a few that have been enhanced with either water colour or cray-pas etc. I will then ask them if they would be interested in participating in the process during their next session. For the second session I will set up a table with the supplies (I generally roll out the first board to again demonstrate a fine layer of smooth paint as well as putting the first paint on the surface noting flat worm not round) I offer soul cards to draw and I play music (pandora commercial free yoga station, Beneath the word (Deborah's CD) etc. While the client is doing touch drawing I often times will go to another table and do some touch drawing myself that way they don't feel like they are being watched and I'm not as much distraction or I will quietly sit with the soul cards deck and draw cards. I give space for them to touch draw until about 10 minutes before the session is over to have time for clean up etc. I will offer for them to keep their drawings in my office, they can take them with them, or they can select a few they would be interested in enhancing the next time. After they are done I will show them their drawing from first to last (this also aids in stacking the drawings neatly) time permits they can title each of them. Third session, (sometimes there are sessions in between these are not sequential) enhancement: If they choose water color I put a white garbage bag underneath their drawing as the paint goes through to the other side then I lay it on the floor garbage bag an all to dry which they pick up at the 4th session. I photograph their work if permission is granted for my own portfolio of facilitating.  Sometimes we mount them on poster board. Its amazing when they leave with their mounted drawings especially when you walk them to the waiting room to their parents. They have this big smile on their face and are so excited and proud to show their parents even the teenagers. Parents receive a gift of witnessing their child glow which they may not have seen for a long time.  I have done touch drawing with 4 year olds on up to 60+) A true gift of the process. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this more. I've only been doing this in my therapy sessions since December 2012. Good Luck! Blessings, Diana






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