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I am using plexiglass board, and a soft rubber roller.  I am using water based oil and having difficulty to roll it out smoothly and thinly. I use either Reeves, or VanGogh or even Artisan by Winsor & Newton, in tubes. I press out a 2" ribbon (small tube so small diameter ribbon)  and roll it out immediately.  It spreads it nicely around the ribbon but the consistency is too thick to really smear it thinly across the board.  It just does thin patches.  Suggestions please? What should I be doing?

Thank you!


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If you have tried the Artisan, I know that paint well and have seen hundreds of people use it with no problem like this. Here is something you might try - get fine sand peer and gently sand the surface of the board. there might be some reason it is so slick the paint doesn't want to stick to parts of it. let me know if this helps. 

or if it doesn't! 

Thanks Deborah. I tried your suggestion with no change. The problem does not seem to be with the board or the roller but with the paint itself. I tried a brand new tube of "Cobra" and it seems to be working better. The Artisan is just too thick and rolls out in blobs. Maybe it is a bit old? the Artisan tubes were new but were purchased 1 year ago.  I sprayed a bit of water on the blobs and it helps a bit but still the best is the brand new Cobra. 

I will continue with the Cobra paint. Thank you!






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