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Off With Their Heads and Into Their Hearts: Facilitating Artists

I just facilitated my first TD workshop, with a group of visual artists. I noticed that, despite my introduction of TD and my incidental prompts, some of the artists were Touch Drawing using inner guidance, and some were treating the experience as an art project and drawing from their heads.

I was hoping some of you with more experience could describe how you deal with this.  Have you found a key word or a particular structure to the introduction that gets more people to draw from their hearts?  How do you encourage a deeper experience? How do you get the person who is always in their head out of their head?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Dear Denise, I am working with how to get this community more active and clear. I was trying to make the conversations on facilitation more accessibe by putting them in an open forum on the main page. But for now at least, it seems like it is working better to continue within the Touch Drawing Workshop Facilitation Group. I jsut read through it and see that several people have addressed the same challenges, and also offered some great suggestions. I just started a new forum discussion within that group. So I usggest you do this: Click on the GROUPS tab. There you will see the Facilitation group as a featured group. Click on that and join it. Begin by reading through the comments and discussions there. Then see the new forum discussion on this subject and please repost your question there. i will try to point the way to members to find your question. I hope this helps! I think you will really appreciate reading what others wrote - you will see that others have the same issue, and read some helpful ideas!
Thanks Deborah. Ann Johnson made a good point: I was more 'artsy' with my first two sessions at the Gathering but didn't really start working from my heart (soul) until we did the Partner Drawing. So maybe its a natural evolution. Just shows how important 'setting the mood' is! What's your favorite book (or chapter) on 'holding space' for others?

I will definitely sign up with the Facilitation Group - thanks for the suggestion - and move the conversation there.
Denise, Setting the tone is key. And of course it is a unique journey for each individual. I am not aware of any books on 'holding space' for others.....One suggestion is that you spend time in the space you are going to do a workshop in, not only settng up physically, but on deeper levels as well; opening the space in ways that seem appropriate to you. meditating, drun mming, opening to allies and inviting the people who are attending on a deeper level.... the atmosphere when they walk in can set a tone that this is not an 'art class'.

Denise, can you move you question into the facilitation group, where I started a forum topic on h just this issue. I think we can have a great ongoing discussion if this subject has its own forum there.






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