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Has anyone ever used touch drawing with fabric? I am interested in what types of fabric and paints might be used for this.

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Bette, so sorry for the late response. its hard to keep tack of all the places people post. Silk is wonderful for Touch Drawing, and you can play with other fabrics like linen. Really the best thing is to get a variety of small pieces, try them and see what you like. Oil paint or printing ink will work. On something like silk it will stiffen a bit - but silk paints are too fluid to work for Touch Drawing. Let us know when you try it out - what ends up working for you.

Hi Facilitators

I recently connected with the manufacturer of speedball brayers because mine were getting sticky and were not rolling well in the ink. I tried cornstarch, which was only briefly helpful. I now have fast and free-rolling brayers after using an acrylic spray on the entire roller. I know that my neighbors are probably talking about me, as I held one end with pliers, sprayed, and waved it in the air to dry.Happy rolling!








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