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It is early Sunday morning and people are traveling from all over to meet at the 17th Annual Touch Drawing Gathering. Please join us in spirit this week! I will be posting daily, and welcome your words and images here! You can read the forum even if you are not  member, but you must join to post. if you ask to join this week, it might take me a few hours to approve you membership as i will be busy.. but I will check in at least a couple of times each day.  For now, its time to begin loading up the car with drawing supplies, altar items, carpets, the great drum, crystal bowls, favorite books....all the special things that come out for this annual magical event.

Even if you have never done Touch Drawing, yo can begin this week with an extra boost of inspiration. You don't need to buy a kit from us. You can find materials needed at an art supply store and around the house. Here are the basic instructions.

I'll post a photo from our opening late tonight. I would love to hear from you!

Blessings, Deborah

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Wonderful to feel you with us, Julia. 

Sending loving thoughts and grateful to be able o participate from a distance. Nancy Rothenberg

I can feel you in your corner of the Hall, Nancy!


The images of your altar space are just beautiful.  It feels so powerful.  

May the spirit of touchdrawing be more  present than ever and may the magic of the trees be woven in to the community that is forming within the group.

Thank you so much for your loving holding, eileen. Yes, the trees are already very much woven, and holding us. 

Hi everyone!

I am so grateful to be tuned in to your amazing retreat. I was planning to teach this week but am drawn to nourish my own creative fires after a very busy last month. THANK YOU for this offering of creative connection and community.

yes, draw with us, Lisa! 

  Last night, I didn't have to close my eyes to picture the beauty and feel the energy of The Gathering. I was there with you in vibrant spirit in the circle with Deborah.  And this morning it happened again!  The sounds and smells of breakfast, looking out across the grassy space, murmuring good mornings, dining with nature, the anticipation of circling again and learning each other's stories.  I smell the paint and feel the paper, I hear the squeaking of the rollers. 

   Allow yourself to relax, to shed the rules and set aside judgment, and bring forth the child within you.  Deborah is a magician.  Let her work her magic on you and you will be released like a rabbit from a hat - free to nibble on the grasses at the Whidbey Institute.  Love and hugs to you all, but especially to you, dear Deborah.

Denise, How wonderful that you are so sensingly close! Thank you for your beautiful articulation.  

So exciting to be with you all in Spirit! I can see you all so clearly, drawing, holding, deepening the connection. Sending blessings to Deborah & the Gathered Ones during this special week.

Sharon, Gratitude for your holding love. 

I did't have time to post any photos last night - will try to during lunch. i am careful not to post any personally revealing pictures, just ones that evoke, so everyone feels their privacy. the first 24 hours are so amazing in that it feels like we have been there SO much longer! Getting ready for Inner Portraits today. LOVE doing that! 






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