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It is early Sunday morning and people are traveling from all over to meet at the 17th Annual Touch Drawing Gathering. Please join us in spirit this week! I will be posting daily, and welcome your words and images here! You can read the forum even if you are not  member, but you must join to post. if you ask to join this week, it might take me a few hours to approve you membership as i will be busy.. but I will check in at least a couple of times each day.  For now, its time to begin loading up the car with drawing supplies, altar items, carpets, the great drum, crystal bowls, favorite books....all the special things that come out for this annual magical event.

Even if you have never done Touch Drawing, yo can begin this week with an extra boost of inspiration. You don't need to buy a kit from us. You can find materials needed at an art supply store and around the house. Here are the basic instructions.

I'll post a photo from our opening late tonight. I would love to hear from you!

Blessings, Deborah

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Deborah, thank you for extending the circle to people who cannot be there. I have an image of the energy that is moving today toward the gathering, as people make their way there. I know that it will be a week filled with amazing blessings, soul-filled community, and inner and outer journeys.

Great to hear from you Kathleen, and to know you really are with us in spirit! 

I've been thinking of you all week, and now I know why.  I feel the connection even here.

Sending love to the lucky participants, and look forward to the day I can return and experience the tremendous energy there. 

Mary, great to connect with you - so glad you are feeling our weaving hearts! 

The Hall is all set and settled. I have a few minutes of quiet. I'll post a couple of photos late tonight. My usb cord is at home.

Some images from the first evening...

I feel enriched by these images and words today. Love to all who are there! (Agnes, Mukti, Suzanne...and everyone).

Hi Marie and hi Julia!

Hi kathleen!

I keep returning to this last image with the flowers, it is a glorious beacon!

 Deborah...once again my soul begins to turn toward The Gathering to

rest in its deep Creative energy.This turning is not something initiated by

me... it is in the realm of "remembering", a call to return to the Muse even

if just for these moments. Who knows its Higher Purpose...the Ground it

continues to lay? You are the Beloved's catalyst in this process...and I

thank you.

(Hello Suzanne Fageol!)

thank you so much for your depth, and presence, Genny...

Deborah, it is wonderful of you to offer yours and the gathering's connective and soulful energy to those of us outside the Island's circle. Let the universe align, intuitive wisdom awaken and creativity flow. How inspiring to see your stunning altar, the alluring centerpiece and the inviting supplies. An invitation of the highest order.






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