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I have only recently begun to practice Touch drawing although I have been studying transpersonal art therapy for 18 months.  I love the modality.  Touch drawing seems to come straight from the soul.  I have been using an approach called Focussing-Oriented art Therapy developed by Laury Rappaport.  Focussing was initially developed by Gendlin (Eugene, I think).  It provides a way of accessing embodied symbols and dialoguing with them through art.  Using mindfulness meditation, you establish a safe place for yourself.  You may do a touch drawing of that safe sensation or place.  You enter the body on the breath and explore the inner landscape.  What does it look like, feel like, sound like?  Is there a symbol that arises? Then the dialogue begins.  There are many ways to do this work.  You can ask "What stands between me and feeling all fine?" and draw what comes up. Each time you are looking for the felt sense and a symbolic handle for it.


 You can explore each of the symbols artistically and ask what they want you to know or what they need.   It becomes a conversation of art. Each art work is a response to the issues that arise from the previous work.  I write the questions on each drawing and ask for elaboration before receiving.  When I look at my art work I try to notice the sensations that arise in my body.  I locate the place in my body where they arise.  I try to name them and dialogue.  I ask: " "Why this feeling?" "Why here" "Why now?"  "What do you need me to know?"  With each touch drawing there is a dialogue and sometimes an answer in the form of another drawing. If there are just a few lines, I write on the drawing and date and number it.  If there is a lot of written response, I put it in a journal.  I digitally record the images so I can print them on one page and continue to work with a particular series for a period of time.  New insights emerge, if given continued exposure over time.


I have been amazed at what I have learned about myself and what my body has been trying to tell me through symptoms and sensations and sometimes illness.   Long forgotten symbols have turned up unexpectedly again in my touch drawing as a way of entering my consciousness.


I am grateful to be part of this community.

Aloha and Blessings,


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Jean, somehow I missed this discussion when you posted it. I am aware of the focusing process and how related it is to Touch drwing. i am very interested in the specific application you are suing to integrate the two. this might be a wonderful addition to the facilitator workbook. Can you email me this text and we might think about how it can be modified into an offering for others to use? I think it would just be a matter of breaking it down; maybe puttimng the steps in a lsit with bullets.....something to just make it clear and simple to follow. What do you think?
Thanks Deborah, I'm happy to put some thought into the processes and to put some points down. I'm currently quite inspired by the work of Ann Weiser Cornell on inner focusing and my own style is evolving as I do my own work and work with case study clients. I love the ways in which Ann brings presence and compassion to the inner voices ("something inside me") without overidentifying with each voice and losing the integrating sense of wholeness that brings in energy to move forward in life. The course I am completing was written by Dr Rafael Locke and he has also developed some wonderful processes for accessing and working with transpersonal resources. Of course I cannot pass on someone else's intellectual property but I am very happy to share any processes I have developed myself and used. I'm currently trying to complete my assessment requirements for my studies but I shall get back to you with some written ideas as soon as possible.
With gratitude,
Thank you so much, Jean.






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