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This is a place where we can join together in spirit to feed and nourish one another during the Touch Drawing Gathering, whether you are with us physically or not. Please find some quiet reflective time this week and if at all possible, some time to drawing. If you have never done Touch Drawing, go to for a dem and scroll down for list of materials to find, and basic instructions.

I will post at least once a day, with photos. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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Oh so beautifully stated, Valerie! Hello to you and to all other friends, both those I have met, and those i have not yet met, in the spirit of Touch Drawing!!!

Gather. Open. Grow. Feel.  Connect. The gifts of this week are to be discovered.  Namaste, Gail

Oh Gail, thanks so much for sharing this! The expressions on the faces are exquisite.

Yes, Gail - we are all floating together is this river.....thank you so much for posting this image. 

It is 4 am of silent day. Yesterday, Inner Portraits were once again mind blowing. We had our sharing circle in the sanctuary. I always feel such a relief when we get here. The Inner Portrait process seems to a take people so much more deeply into the process. And into the mystery of receiving something of value and meaning for their partner. It is just like nothing else I have ever experienced, and I think anyone who has been in an Inner Portrait sharing circle knows what I mean. We went to the Earth Nest after that, and entered silence later in the evening. We are ready for the deep quiet. 

Hello all - it has been hard to keep up with all that has been happening: Intuitive partner drawing on tuesday, deep time in the silence within nature, reflecting in the sanctuary, coloring drawings. this afternoon we will go to the labyrinth and drawing, and tonight we will hold a long dance. 

My heart is there with you.  OXOX  Rhonda

We long danced last night - really strong - so glad you are with us. 

i remember my long dance experience from the IEATA conference.....was that in

My Long Dance experience in 2011 at the Gathering was life-changing. I have been dancing (5Rhythms) ever since. This due to Deborah taking a chance and blending those two aspects of herself - Touch Drawing and Long Dance. Your courage, Deborah, begat my courage, and so it moves out into the Universe. So cool you did it again this year :) What a blessing!


This has been a transformational week. From the new friends, to the deep soul processing in the woods, to reflecting back onto the paper a deep remembering of who I am. It has been way to long since I have come home to myself. Thank you Deborah and to Suzzane for making me feel so welcome on the Island. I look forward to future gatherings and adding this work into my practice.

After the Long Dance, I feel so full and complete. This event complete with thunder beings is a wonderful path to renewal.

I am so moved by the levels of intimacy and love that I witnessed and shared this week. I know the layers of support coming from the worldwide TD community added to the magic we created last week. I am home now with a renewed commitment to my inner process, to the muses of creativity and to the expansion of peace consciousness. Thank you Deborah






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