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This is a place where we can join together in spirit to feed and nourish one another during the Touch Drawing Gathering, whether you are with us physically or not. Please find some quiet reflective time this week and if at all possible, some time to drawing. If you have never done Touch Drawing, go to for a dem and scroll down for list of materials to find, and basic instructions.

I will post at least once a day, with photos. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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This year's altar. The beautiful Quan Yin hand was given to me in Hong Kong this spring by Steven Lam, who was with us at the Gathering a few years ago. He envisioned it on the altar at the Gathering. Here it is, Steven! 

Wow, what delicate and beautiful energy - the flowers match the beauty of it all. The hand sculpture is exquisite too.

Such beauty. Thanks for sharing highlights from your week. I'm inspired to do some of my own work here

(Vancouver Island, BC) where I participated in one of Deborah's workshops.

May you feel the peaceful presence of the larger gathering during your wondrous adventures this week.

May you know the deep connection to all.

So glad to have to opportunity to connect with you all as the space deepens at the Gathering. I made an crystal grid/altar here at home yesterday and will leave it up until the Gathering closes.   At the heart of it, as you were all meeting in Circle last night,  I placed a crystal from last year's Gathering, and after dedicating it I planted the crystal in my Solstice circle, pointed toward the  North West .  Sending Blessings continuously to each and every one of you.

Angel-Rose, from Florida

This is a gift to be able to join in like this!   I gasped when I scrolled down and saw the circle of women, as I felt a connection to all of you!    I will check in each day.   You are all divine, radiant beings with the work you are doing there!   Sending you love, Janyt

Only 27 hours since opening and it feels like we have been here always. I am always amazed at the end of the first day, that it has only been such a short time. 

Drawing is so supported by moving. 

Time to reflect upon the images. 

Greetings to Everyone from Moscow!

I had the honor of participating in the First Russian International Expressive Arts Festival over the last few days - someone I trained in touchdrawing  when I was here last spring  gave a touch drawing workshop this year at the Festival!

We will start our four day postconference in a Buddhist Center outside of Moscow on Thursday . I will be faciliating a person centered expressive arts experience - we will have some touch drawing boards for people to use as a potential modality for expression and will also have some time in silence.

Sending good wishes to everyone for a transformative creative experience! Great to see Stephanie's photo sitting in the group circle with everyone!

In spirit!


Dear Deborah and Gatherers,

Though it's been 5-yrs. since the Gathering of '07, I doubt the spirit of Touch Drawing - and the

longing to be amidst a Gathering once again - ever leaves one's soul!

May the sacred field created by this 2012 Gathering resonate out from the great hall and bring

its healing "touch" to all life and the four corners of the Earth.

Blessings ... and hello Suzanne (Fageol)!

 Genny in El Prado, NM

Dear Deborah and participants,

I am grateful for the invitation to participate in spirit to the beautiful energy that is created at the gathering. The gift of Touch Drawing is continually growing within me. Yesterday I was taking a Touch Drawing class with 8 ten year olds, they were mounting and painting their drawings and were so deeply in their process, enjoying their own creative connection in complete silence! And then one of the girls looked up and around and said, everyone's picture looks amazing! She said it with such light and everyone one agreed on an energetic level, feeling the light we all share. This was a precious moment for me. I love how Touch Drawing can connect us to our Light and the Light of others so easily. I wish you all a deep time of inner journeying, awakening and connection with each other. I will take time this week to join in with you through Touch Drawing. Blessings Valerie from New Zealand






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