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This is a place where we can join together in spirit to feed and nourish one another during the Touch Drawing Gathering, whether you are with us physically or not. Please find some quiet reflective time this week and if at all possible, some time to drawing. If you have never done Touch Drawing, go to for a dem and scroll down for list of materials to find, and basic instructions.

I will post at least once a day, with photos. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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Deborah and Blessed Attendees of the 2012 Gathering,

  What a inspirational and important time to be Gathering with Deborah, the magician of Touch Drawing and other incredible heart and soul-centered arts! The 2011 Gathering was beyond our wildest imaginings...and so will 2012 be. To be with women doing our inner work and joyfully expressing it in the world is exactly what Mother Earth needs right now.  

I will go through each day with you in spirit, feeling the peace and light in the great hall, immersed in nature with the bunnies and deer, dining on the exquisite meals, and hanging on your every image and word.

Turn off your mind and fears, trust the beauty within you, and embrace the moment!

Blessings, Denise Auld

Hello Denise,

This experience is all that I remembered and more.  It is a joy to feel your presence here.

With loving thoughts,


Deborah, thank you so much for inviting the greater TD community to join in, even those of us who are not there in person. I am feeling the energy of the great connection as wonderful souls come together. I know that some of my friends are there, and I send you all love. I am "holding the space for an experience of depth and awakening for all.

Kathleen, from Cortes Island, BC

Hi Kathleen!

I just found out last week that I'll be coming to Florida in November! My daughter will be performing in the Tampa Bay area and my parents just moved there. I would love to visit Sarasota and the gallery and the school! When I know the exact dates, I will email you down there.


Denise Auld

Dear Deborah and All at the TD Gathering,

I am miles away and welcome the invitation to join you virtually....and actually. That very place is a soul home for me. I join you in doing the inner work this week - you with the ferns and forests, the foxglove and mosses; me with oaks and sweet gum, the chicory and Queen Anne's Lace in bloom. 

Whether you are returning or discovering the Chinook lands for the first time, I am Present with you - sending love,


I too am with you in Spirit.  This is such a profound time, and the opening that you all will create at the Gathering will be a portal for more God/Goddess to come through each and every one of us. I am blessed to be connected to you.  I love you all and thank you for the work that you are doing.


Rhonda LaFountaine

Reno, NV

Hi Rhonda! Nice to hear from you. I still have your bubble blower - I hardly ever throw anything away :)

Blessings, Denise Auld

Blessings back at you Denise!  Bubbles are one of the joys of life!



Greetings Rhonda,

I have thought of you often over the year and sent you a message back last fall.  I treasure your energy and feel your wisdom over the miles.  Thank you for sending your energy to bless this event.  I am filled with gratitude to be able to be here again.



All the candles are lit and each has spoken. What a beautiful group. What a blessing to check in before ging to sleep to find such warm greetings from you who are with us in spirit! 

You all look so very beautiful.  It brings tears to my eyes.  I almost feel as though I am sitting in the Circle with you.

Rhonda in Reno

Dear Deborah,

Thank you so much for sharing the spirit of this year's Touch Drawing Gathering with those who are not able to be there in person.  My thoughts and spirit are with the Gathering throughout this week.  

Love and blessings to All!







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