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This is a place where we can join together in spirit to feed and nourish one another during the Touch Drawing Gathering, whether you are with us physically or not. Please find some quiet reflective time this week and if at all possible, some time to drawing. If you have never done Touch Drawing, go to for a dem and scroll down for list of materials to find, and basic instructions.

I will post at least once a day, with photos. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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I have been extremely creative as well. Started the outline and book, not to mention just finished a new video.. You made my week special Charelne.  you are an inspiration for sure.

Here is a piece from my inspiration.  The shaman Chef cooks Ling Cod with Fresh local Berries.

Do you like good food? Today's tip, use fresh berries while they are in season. A new video from The Shaman Chef

Yum! I would never have thought of using berries that way. 

Not sure what happened to my message, but I said I will have to cook you this for dinner this summer.

Here we are on our last morning together. Double click on the pic to really see the beautiful shining faces! 

You all look so very beautiful, so alive.  Thank you for the opening you created for all of us with your HeartWork during the Gathering.  The  Goddess is alive and very, very well!! I see Her reflected in each of your shining faces.



Hello to all,

It is wonderful to look at this picture and to be once again surrounded by the blessings that lie within all the dear  faces.  It was truly a week of the heart that I will always carry with me.  I hopped back into my life quite quickly--perhaps too quickly-- and this list is a good way to yank me back to the magic of our week together.  Rhonda, your spirit was certainly with me. Also, I shared a bit about my experience with my very receptive students last night.  It was a good opportunity to try to capture my experience into words. I look forward to staying in touch through this blog.  Love, Nancy

Hugs to you Nancy. I hope to join you again at the next Gathering! I am so glad you got to participate again this year. Much Love,

Here is my blog article about my experience. It is called Buried Alive; A shamanic death and rebirth.






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