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It is the night before we gather. I feel the drawing together of souls from all directions. Besides those who are coming physically, I have already heard from several people who are planning to join us in spirit. Many are going to take some quiet time this week to do Touch Drawing along with us. Please check in here - I will post some photos and reflections through the week. You can also write and post photos of drawings you are doing here. We would so love to hear from you! I will keep my computer out in the hall and open to this forum so attendees can see what you post. Thank you so much for joining us in spirit

Note that this is a forum, not a blog. I choose this format because it is easier to interact with people who post. Comments show up in the order they were posted. So you have to scroll down to see the most current posts, or go to the next pages as the week goes on. If you would like to be notified of new posts in your email, click the 'follow' button on the bottom. You can 'unfollow' at any tme. By late tonight I will begin posting phtographs. Maybe even earlier, depending on how the day goes.........

..........It is now 4:00 on Sunday and the room is set - scroll through all the beautiful greetings and you will find a photo of our space, prepared for what is to come.


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The drawings are bringing forth blessings of gratitude for the TD muse. She is strongly calling in the celestial beings bringing forth Star Being and not surprisingly giving birth to the heart with compassion and love.To the Spirit of us all encircling the world with our love.

with appreciation and gratitude,



Thank you for reposting these to make them more visible, susan!
I am in my apartment.  The washing machine drums for me. I dance. I am not sad like I thought I would be now.  Leaving the love of the Gathering does not bring grief --- only awareness of the amethyst women in fluid connection as we remain connected to each others' hearts. 
lovely sentiment
Here we are, minus Heidi and Lucy who were't availalbe at photo time.

Lovely group!!! Suzzane I miss you. You're looking great!!!!! Congratulations and lots of joy for each one of you!!!

Love from your chilean colleague


A beautiful gathering, so vibrant and alive, glowing.

And more light is added to the world.

What a fantastic picture.  You are all glowing!!! Thank you for sharing it with us all.  Karen

All of you beautiful people,

Lovely. lovely photo. Your vibrant energy emanates from it!

thanks for sharing your experience.


I am looking forward to the 2012 Gathering next week!

I will be with you online........ not in body this time.  Such a rich time and place for heart opening.






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