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It is the night before we gather. I feel the drawing together of souls from all directions. Besides those who are coming physically, I have already heard from several people who are planning to join us in spirit. Many are going to take some quiet time this week to do Touch Drawing along with us. Please check in here - I will post some photos and reflections through the week. You can also write and post photos of drawings you are doing here. We would so love to hear from you! I will keep my computer out in the hall and open to this forum so attendees can see what you post. Thank you so much for joining us in spirit

Note that this is a forum, not a blog. I choose this format because it is easier to interact with people who post. Comments show up in the order they were posted. So you have to scroll down to see the most current posts, or go to the next pages as the week goes on. If you would like to be notified of new posts in your email, click the 'follow' button on the bottom. You can 'unfollow' at any tme. By late tonight I will begin posting phtographs. Maybe even earlier, depending on how the day goes.........

..........It is now 4:00 on Sunday and the room is set - scroll through all the beautiful greetings and you will find a photo of our space, prepared for what is to come.


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Hello Touch Drawing Gatherers near and Far!

I started drawing this afternoon to connect to the Field that is forming and will be joining you in the nonlocal Touch Drawing Field throughout the week-

I wish you a profound deepening and transformative experience during this time-

I had the honor of bringing Touch Drawing to Russia this past year as part of work in Intergenerational Healing and the response has been enormous -

now is the time for us to step fully into our Deep Creativity for personal and planetary well being!

with deep gratitude!


Mukti, So wonderful to hear from you. I know you are doing such great work bringing Touch Drawing and other Expressive Art forms to new and vitl settings, such as your powerful work in Russia. It is a blessing to be 'in the field' with you.

Hi Mukti,

So wonderfull to feel your presence here with us.  I must admit I still expect to see you in all the special places.  I so appreciated our connection two years ago.  Our parallel process was very comforting.  Much love to you.  Cynthia

Though I am not actively Touch Drawing, my heart is drawn each year to the Gathering.

There seems to be an indelible mark, an impression, that awakened within the soul since

attending the Gathering of 2007and like to think of her as The Creatrix.

Blessings dear Deborah, upon you, Suzanne, and the Gatherers as The Creatrix awakens

in her myriad forms among you!

                        Genny in El Prado, NM

(A Journal entry when I returned home from the Gathering:  "Deborah created and held what for me

was a very deep contemplative, silent space and place so beyond the drawings - yet that space and

place from where Touch Drawing emanates.")

Genny, I feel your pesence and the creatrix withn you so fully. You are right that Touch Drawing is really one  manifestation of something that is deeper and fuller. It just seems to create a such an accessible portal to that presence. The Creatrix. Thank you for this word.

Dear Deborah and Genny,

Just wanted to let you know that I once wrote a verse narrative which I illustrated with pastels and it was about the Divine Feminine as the Creatrice!!!  So it's a version of the Creatrix!  It's called Nameless One of Splendor: Her Sacred Arts of Creation!  So beautiful what you are each doing! Love, Clare

Dear Deborah

Thank you for reaching out and inviting in the larger Touch Drawing community. I am with you all from my home on Cortes Island, B.C.

My partners at Expressive Arts Florida are currently getting ready to do a weekend TD intensive (July 23-24) and have fully enrolled the workshop. The spirit of Touch Drawing is certainly alive and effecting change in individuals and communities. And the Gathering is the center; the place of power. As you draw, you draw from a place of deep intra-personal healing and wisdom, and you share it with, and pull in, greater spheres. I wish each of you, and the collective group, a week of immense creativity, deep healing, and shared wisdom.


Your email came, Deborah, as a reminder to me to sink a little deeper into my own creative process this week. I will do Touch Drawing, on my own, and know that I am held by, and contributing to,  the Gathering community. I have chosen not to be with you all physically this year, as my own needs to fill my creative well are taking the form of treasured solitude.


Thank you. I look forward to staying connected this week. I thank you, Deborah, for creating the spark and holding the container. And Mukti, many blessings to you as to share you deep work in such profound ways.



Kathleen, So wonderful to feel your presence. You and your colleague/sisters at Expressive Arts Florida hold such a strong and growing stream of support for Touch Drawing and so much more. I am so grateful that we are connected. Have a blessed quiet week of creativity and renewal. Love, Deborah
Blessings to all who attend this year's Gathering.  I can feel the strength of the group building and it gives me shivers up my spine.  As I TD this week I will be with you all in spirit.  My yearly sojourn to Whidbey Island for renewal begins next week and I can think of nothing better than to join you in spirit this week. Enjoy!

margo - so wonderful to feel you with us! Love, Deborah


Hello Deborah and the Gathering, sending blessings to you from Athens, Ohio. I hope to join you each day this week for some Touch Drawing time in my studio.Here is today's drawing, which embodies some learning from an encounter with an owl last week.

With thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to participate from home,



Kathleen, Owl is alrady a presence here so you are truly with us! blessings, Deborah






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