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Please post your reflections here - if you are attending the Gathering in body or spirit! We had a beautiful opening evening, beginning with a Barred Owl gazing at from a low branch near the entry stairs to the hall. About half the group came round to see it. I posted a photo of the owl on a later post, and on page 2 you can see a flow of photographs I have taken from within the space of the Gathering...

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Hey sister - sending love from Victoria!
Back to ya! So glad we got to have lunch together.
Love Hugs and Laughter
Wow - So powerful, Helen! Thank you so much for channeling that expression, and sharing!
It was strange not being at the Gathering this year, and am still working to find the words. I am limited in my internet availability and send much love and support as always!!!!
Hello Everyone
The soulful echoes of our time together are with me. When I close my eyes, the images...the drawings, the sounds, the land, your faces, are readily there. Two drawings are propped against the wall, reminding me...their messages not yet clear, as I know they come from a deep place a little beyond my present ability to know. The rest of the drawings are clipped in my folder, waiting for me to take the time to return to them in silence. Thank you, Deborah, for bringing Touch Drawing into the world, and for giving us all this opportunity. thank you all, fellow travelers, as we journey together within and without.






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