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Please post your reflections here - if you are attending the Gathering in body or spirit! We had a beautiful opening evening, beginning with a Barred Owl gazing at from a low branch near the entry stairs to the hall. About half the group came round to see it. I posted a photo of the owl on a later post, and on page 2 you can see a flow of photographs I have taken from within the space of the Gathering...

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Beautiful! I wish I was there to join you in person! I was however gifted with a Barred Owl feather just a week ago, so perhaps I am there in Spirit. Many blessings to all of you! Enjoy your week of ceremony and connections!
How wonderful to hear of your Barred Owl connection, Amanda....
Good Morning dear Deborah!

Though I have not been physically "active" with Touch Drawing, it seems my Spirit is always drawn
to the Gathering each year. I attribute this to the depth of soul-touching experiences during the week
I attended the 2007 Gathering. Here is a note from my journal at the time:
"Deborah created and held what for me was a very deep contemplative, silent space - so
beyond the drawing - yet that space from where Touch Drawing emanates."
May all of you be drawn into that very special space this week!

With love,
Genny from El Prado, NM
I am here in Boulder at my job reflecting on my past experiences at the Gathering. One of the most powerful years for me was when Carol and I constructed the Labyrinth just outside of the Great Hall. It was an amazing and powerful experience for me, and one that I will remember always. My connection with Carol grew that year into a wonderful, life-long friendship. My connection to the Touch Drawing process has always been a part of me no matter where I am or what I am doing in life. I am getting ready this week to have surgery to replace both knees, and I taking the time to connect with those I love and miss. Some of you I know, and many of you I don't know, but I do know that we are all one in Spirit. As I go through this week, I will take time each day to "Touch In" to the heart of the Gathering.
I wish you all that are there an amazing and special week.

Love to you all

'Aloha Pete, I just read your reflection on building a Labyrinth at a touch drawing gathering and would like to dialogue with you more about the connection of the Labyrinth and touch drawing. I have been in the process of learning more and experimenting with both as part of what I feel the need to expand upon in my journey here. Best wishes with your surgery...write back when you can. Lori
HI Suzanne here - I am sad to miss this gathering - but got to catch up and be in a precircle with Mhukti, Shemaya, Jack, Chris and Deb - a sweet evening. I'm here now - at the first lunch break (running late- of course!) . Everybody is deep in the experience and the smell of linseed oil permeates the air - its a cool, rainy day - perfect for entering into the deep well of touch drawing. I'm off to Victoria BC - will touch in again from there - I plan to take my board with me and draw a bit.
It is a beautifully introspective day! I agree! I'm just over the water from all of you, experiencing this cool, calm day as well....
My private sanctuary is set up and ready to go. I have begun this day with meditation, playing my newly acquired singing bowl, and a morning drawing session. The fresh breeze that is causing the clouds to chase across the sky is also carrying the seeds of new thoughts. I can feel the pulsing of our hearts connect. Bless all who are on this journey at this year's Gathering.
Hello all - It is Tueday morning. I ahve been going so non-stop this is my first moment to write. It is a joy to find your posts here and know you are truly with us in spirit. I am amazed at how far we go withn the first 24 hour of the Gathering these days. We are weaving small groups back into the structure with a clear structure that allows for deep sharing and listening.
here I am again where words fail me. You who have been here know. For now, I will post the blessing of our arrival; the barred owl at eye level next to the stairs to the Hall.

Good Morning. What a beautiful sight the owl must have been. What other wonderous things will present themselves durning this Gathering? Blessings to all as you continue your journey today.
Thank you Margot. the animals are particularly present - 4 young rabbits often wandering and nibbling right outside in the field visible through the glass doors.
Not only an owl, but a darting little hummingbird have visited the Gathering so far. As Deborah's office assistant, I've been drawn into the circle for welcoming and announcements and had my own time with paints and board yesterday. I report with joy that the group is diving deep now. The quiet contemplative atmosphere is rich with care and ripe for insight. And for the record, I live on a Barred Owl Way.

Deborah reminded the circle that our wonder at the owl on Sunday—while noticing without labeling and limiting what we see—is a powerful gift. It's like witnessing each others' Touch Drawings: we welcome others' images with respect and allow the interpretations that come to the artist to rise without the hindrance of our interpretations or stories. To me the owl's visit meant a blessing of welcome from the natural world cradling the retreat facilities. To others perhaps the owl meant something else entirely. Welcome all!

I'm appreciating all of you upholding the spirit of this Gathering.
with care,






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