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Connecting during the 2009 Touch Drawing Gathering.

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I will be with you next week from my home here in Fair Oaks. I'm finishing up my last week of Photoshop at my Junior college so in between going nuts with the final project, I will draw outside in my back yard.

I look forward to drawing with you next week.
I'm here!
Tuned in and connected!
Committed to the growth this coming week will bring for all of us.
Hello Deborah and all who attend the Gathering this year. I am working in my studio this afternoon and thinking of what a wonderful experience I had there last year. You can be sure that I will be following along, drawing, and connecting with you all spiritually. Blessings.
Margo, Thank you so much for the beautiful hand paainted prayer flags - they are hanging over the centeral altar. I will take a picture of them...
You are most welcome Deborah. It was my pure pleasure.
I am going to be connecting with all of you this week as well from the other side of the US. Many blessings to everyone for a beautiful week and loads of inspired channeling coming through your fingertips!
Dear Deborah,

While working in the garden today, I kept finding my heart and my thoughts drawn to the
Gathering and wishing I were there.
May the Creatrix bring this Sacred Gathering to new and profound depths of soul-expression
through Her gift of "touch"!

Blessings and hugs to you and Suzanne Fageol - and those whom I met during the
Gathering of 2007...

With love,
Genny Genevich
El Prado, NM
It is 11:26 pm and I just came home after closing the hall for the night. I will write a bit on my blog - you can find it on my 'Deborah on Touch Drawing' member page. It is so wonderful t come home and find the loving notes from so many of you. We rrukly are holding a larger circle.
I worked with TD for a bit this evening with the Gathering in mind. The energy seemed very celestial! Thank you for the opportunity to tune in. Will post pix soon.
Yes, I think it just might be. One day into it...we are in another realm already. Thanks for tuning in with us.
I'm loving your pictures and your blogs! I'm not drawing, but I'm sure wishing I were there! You are all in my thoughts and prayers this week. Tell Talia I could use some of her wonderful energy! And tell Heather Hi! :) Love from Betsy, Heather's Mom.
Good morning!

I got up early this day to draw in my studio (before my grandbabies were awake). Sitting quietly at my board and allowing that deep, safe place to open. To my surprise... anger, hurt, irritation, sadness came bubbling to the surface. ", no, no !!!" I said... "I want to feel and express only happy, peaceful stuff in this short drawing session... come on... give me a break here... where is the love, man? Aaaarrrgh!"

Ha! Silly me! Sometimes I forget that all my emotions are important... all need to be recognized. The energy of each needs to be acknowledged and released. To insist that I will only feel pleasant emotions means I'm blocking the pathway to my heart.

Touch Drawing is path that always leads me to what I am seeking... it's a journey to my heart...
I take a deep breath this morning and invite all of you to trust your emotions today... all of them.
Allow them to flow freely this week and your hearts will come shinning thru.

Loving you all!






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