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Hi all....
I think it would be so helpful if we could learn from each other something about our settings, populations, fee scales, workshop formats, etc.

I am in Sarasota, FL in the winter and Cortes Island, BC from May to September. In Sarasota I teach Touch Drawing with Victoria Domenichello-Anderson at Ringling College of Art and Design, in the Art and Healing certificate program that we created together. A 7.5 hour "Introduction to Touch Drawing" course is required as part of this certificate. A "Touch Drawing 2" is an elective. In Intro to Touch Drawing, we teach it as 3 sessions, or one weekend. We do one in-depth TD experience, followed by a combination of artistic development (mounting, painting, etc) and expressive arts processing (writing, story, movement, sound, etc). We touch on the applications of TD. In Touch Drawing 2 we do another in-depth drawing session, and introduce Inner (partner) portraits and more applications of TD.

In addition, we teach Touch Drawing every 2 weeks at Expressive Arts Florida, our business (myself, Victoria, Tamara knapp and Elizabeth Bornstein). We charge $30 for a 1.5 hour session, and that includes supplies. See the event listing "Touch Drawing, ongoing".

On Cortes island, I have done several demos, and one 2 hour workshop. In doing the demos, it is always a struggle to get people to get a sense of the process, rather than "simply" the technique.

I love touch drawing; it is one of my own most preferred art forms
I love to do it, teach it, and learn more about it!
looking forward to hearing more from all of you!

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Hi Regin and Grace
Thank you both for your sharing. I continue to be so inspired by all of the aspects that touch drawing brings, and I especially love how open people are about sharing their facilitation experiences.

Regine: How beautiful that you followed your intuition and brought the dancing. Yes, what a great reminder for me to stay present (rather than dropping into my fear and judgments) so that I can follow my inner knowing.

Grace: Your info was very informative about finding the special times for workshops and only announcing one per flyer. Your sharing about navigating the last minute cancellations was also helpful!

I just started a 4 week expressive arts work with a family of 3 boys, to support the whole family unit in living with a family member (the oldest son) who has a serious illness. I am using ritual, super heroes, stories, touch drawing, movement and sound to explore their strengths, help them find tools for expression, and ways of connecting them with one another in playful and meaningful ways. Their attention span and energy is amazing and challenging, and their mom immediately stepped into her role to assist, which I know will serve her well to carry on after I am finished.

Blessings to all

what a journey to help a family go through a tough time!
I admire your courage and strength!

Much Love and light
Thank you. This process has been deeply touching, and my heart is vibrating with much gratitude. Look forward to hearing what is happening in your world...hope that your joyous spirit is dancing!

hi Regine, & a hug back to you too! I just love the closed eyes dancing idea. Private, respectful, & powerful. You have so much to offer, I am glad you kept trying. You will find ur particular niche & flow as time & experience go on.

much love to all,
Shemaya, what an amazing experience! Pls keep us posted........
Another beautiful experience. We begin by lighting candles, bringing them into the circle. We discussed emotions, encouraged them to make sounds, movement, talked about how touch drawing captures those expressions. Lots of expression occurred during the drawing time. The child who is ill expressed having a hard day because of the pain. I encouraged him to to draw the pain, he responded by bringing his emotions onto the board,pounding, tearing the paper, continuing to draw more and more. I engaged him during his drawing process and he said that he was telling the pain to stop. His brothers were witnessing this experience as was his Mom.The younger brothers joined the pounding and tore paper as well. When I asked if they wanted to draw and speak to the pain, the one went to draw with his brother..I introduced a blank journal as a book for them to record special experiences that they had as a family, to share using pictures, words, drawings their feelings and thoughts. I encouraged them to begin by telling the story of our experience together. I think that I should have waited for a more positive moment and not have brought this in on a difficult time around PAIN. They did do some sharing and their Mom was the scribe. I will take pictures of their drawings to put in the book, and encouraged them to record some experiences of their recent trip to Canada. I'm using the book to create a tool for sharing, expressing, connecting the family share the good moments, the challenging times, and something that they can read and look through over time to remember good times, difficult times, to receive strength and remember their resiliency. Books have become a very important part of my work in the world this past year! They keep surfacing in the most delightful ways!!

wow, Shemaya. What an awsome session. Tks forr sharing.
Shemaya, What powerful work.....
I love the idea of a book. What you are doing with this family seems so powerful and loving.
What impress me the most is the ability to open the contact and communication between them. They know where they are with pain and feelings. What ever happens, they are truly together and not isolated. Sickness can bring separation between siblings, parents, ....
You bring them together! It is SO cool!

Thank you for sharing such an amazing experience.
Much LOve to you!
Thank you for your words. This has been an opportunity to plant seeds, and what I know is a lot is happening non verbally, and I'm going there with them. It's deeply touching to Be present and I'm grateful to have the community with whom to share.

Yes, I feel that.
When i read you I remembered my nephew Max, dying of leucemia when he was 8 years old. His big brother was his best friend, they were 16 months apart. ... then he had a little brother. .. I wish I would have known then, what I know now. His connection with his mother was amazing but there was so much Unsaid with the siblings and the dad..... It was 13 years ago.
It is a big journey to be with a very sick child for a year, and then, in this case, a dying child too.
To hear your story gives me so much hope.
You are one courageous healer Shemaya!
with Love

Hi everyone.  My name is Rachél (sounds like Rachelle).  I am so excited to find this group.  I am in the middle of a big life transition right now that has me moving from working full-time in a Women's Shelter to nurturing a creative arts business that has both in-person and on-line elements. While at the shelter, I used TD with my clients (adult and youth) and for my own wellness. One of the themes of my endeavors is to help others cultivate self-care.  I have several ways that I am planning to do that, including offering massage and intentional art workshops.  TD will be part of that.  

I am looking forward to more fully developing my TD offerings.  I am grateful to have a place to connect with others in love with this soulful process.

All the best,







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